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Why Should You Choose Carpet Tile

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Carpet tile offers many advantages. It is easy to install, easy to clean, and If you get a tough stain just replace the tile as opposed to the whole room. Worn in traffic patterns can also be fixed by just replacing the worn tiles cutting down on replacement costs. Carpet tile is made to be rugged, that means a long performance life. Plus, it offers a lot of design flexibility. Carpet tile could be perfect for your installation.

Tile is a modular product, because of this you can mix colors and patterns to create your own custom look. Tile can be installed in a multitude of ways – Checkerboard, Monolithic, Brick, Ashlar or Random. Carpet tile also comes in many different sizes and shapes from square to rectangular planks to hexagon shaped tiles. By combining styles, colors, and shapes you can always find the right solution for your project.

Carpet Tile also comes with different backings. A hard backing to perform well in high traffic retail spaces, stain prone restaurants, and corporate offices. Or a cushioned backing for spaces that need a softer more homey feel.

Two for the price of one. Another benefit of carpet tiles are its reusability. Many companies will get more than one life cycle out of a tile. When it comes time to replace the carpet tiles in the executive offices, pick them up and reuse them in a back of the house break room or warehouse office.

Next time your replacing your flooring, consider the benefits and advantages of using carpet tile to design and create a functional space customized to you and your business.

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