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Reasons to Consider Floating Vinyl for Your Next Flooring Project

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Vinyl flooring continues to see more growth than any other flooring market segment. Come and go in the flooring landscape, but one trend has noticeably become a constant: vinyl. Popular in both commercial and residential markets; vinyl flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and relatively inexpensive.

Vinyl flooring

DESIGN: Available in sheet goods, tiles and planks, vinyl allows for a variety of installation patterns and design options. In particular, wood look and stone look vinyl is stealing market share from real wood and natural stone products. Quality and price have everything to do with success of vinyl flooring. The beauty of natural wood or stone is captured in high resolution photographs and printed directly onto a vinyl plank or tile. A protective urethane wear layer is applied over the film to provide a resilient and long lasting finish. We think you’ll be surprised how authentic these products really look. Please visit our Gallery to view photos of vinyl flooring installed by our talented team of craftsmen. 

Types of floors

INSTALLATION: Though most vinyl products have traditionally been glued to the floor, floating vinyl floors are on the rise. By “floating floor,” we simply mean “adhesive-free.” Consumers have options when it comes to floating vinyl products and installation methods. Surprisingly, some vinyl products may actually be loose laid. Such products are dimensionally stable; meaning that they will not expand or contract under normal conditions. Other vinyl products are interlocking. These products are sometimes referred to as “locking” or “click” vinyl floors. Floating floors may be installed directly over most subfloors with little to no prep work. Because no adhesive is required, floating floors are suitable for above, on or below grade installations.

BENEFITS: Regardless of which vinyl product works best for you, nearly all floating products share some key benefits. Floating floors may be quickly and easily installed. If noise is a concern, as it often is in multi-story units, some vinyl floors include a sound deadening layer built into the core of the product OR floating floors may be installed over a sound deadening underlayment.

MAINTENANCE: Better yet, new vinyl products are typically waterproof or water-resistant, allowing for popular wood-look installations in areas not suitable for real hardwood (ie. bathrooms). Scratches and traffic patterns are easily buffed out of vinyl floors with little to no maintenance.

In summary, floating vinyl floors are a terrific option when dealing with:

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