These Are The Days of Our Flooring Lives - December 2020 - You Floored ME - Capozza Floor Covering Center

These Are The Days of Our Flooring Lives – December 2020 – You Floored ME

You Floored Me

You Floored Me is our company peer to peer recognition program.  This is an opportunity to say thank you to a co-worker for their efforts, contributions, and commitment in promoting our company message. From the showroom, to the warehouse, on the job site, and in the community we can each say thank you for exemplifying overall excellence. Thank you to all for exemplifying overall excellence and commitment to our Company Values.  Thank you also, to those who took the time to recognize these moments and qualities, your words were very compassionate.

Katie Bullis – Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Team and our customers by handling and closing a record number of sales for the month of September.  So excited to see what is to come for Katie, the Driver.

Mike St. Cyr + Nick Burke – Thank you for repeatedly and efficiently completing installs ahead of timelines.  Your communication with the office and scheduling staff has been superb, helping our busy install schedule continue to move forward. The company benefits from having teammates like both of you! 

Kait King – I’ve noticed you go above and beyond.  You are an awesome member to the operations team, when it gets tough, you push through.

Peter Palardis – Thank you for your dedication and efforts in turning around the Spencer project.  You’ve worn many hats getting involved in the project.  Physically stepping in with install ensuring the customer’s confidence in your expertise.  You exemplify the professionalism needed to make this project a success.

Mike St. Cyr – Thank you for going above and beyond on yet another project – your focus, professionalism, and great productivity have left us with another very happy customer and a successful installation.  We are grateful to have someone like you on our team!

Remember, this program is available for each one of us to utilize. If you want to nominate a team member see or email Theresa.  From Greeting a client, to project management, to the detailed craftsmen who are installing in the field, to the Warehouse “hub” who keep us all connected, we are a great team and we want to recognize everyone’s hard work.  #teamcapozza #teamopst

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