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These Are The Days of Our Flooring Lives – March 2021 – A Moment to Reflect

A Moment to Reflect

When sitting down to write the annual letter I thought it would be interesting to look back to last year’s message and see what the thoughts about 2020 were pre-covid.  This was the closing message of our annual company letter last year.

“In the new year, there will be times of success as well as times of stress.  I just ask that everyone support each other…and enjoy yourselves along the way!  Thank you for all that you do, let’s have a successful 2020!”

Times of success:

Despite the pandemic, we were able in almost all situations, to keep our teams together this year.  In addition to staying together, in some cases we thrived.  Our Residential Division came within 30K of the pre-pandemic sales goal.  They approached this goal despite the showroom doors being closed for almost 2 months and being short staffed most of the year.  I cannot say enough about this team, they endure unpredictable showroom traffic and unpredictable homeowners, but year after year they get it done!

Times of stress:     

The unknown brought on in March was a time of extreme stress, not knowing if we would keep our jobs and not knowing what the future of the business would be was one of the low points of my career and life.  When I think back to that time, though stressful it was also enlightening and encouraging.  We learned that given the conditions we could operate in a moderately productive capacity, service our customers, sell, and install flooring, even with our limitations.  As the weeks went by, more people came back, customers returned, and we were able to fully open.  The stresses of the unknown turned into much more familiar stresses, not enough installers, not enough material, too much work.

Support each other:

When we closed in 2020 and sent everyone home, I asked that a few members of the team stay here at the office to run critical operations and asked that the field crew resume with installations.  Without hesitation, everyone I asked was more than willing to help, those sent home figured out how to remain productive in a new way of working.  Many based at home started coming in as needed to contribute in any way they could until we could open at full capacity.  We have held it together through a crazy 2020, and the reason we were able to do that is because of a strong foundation, dedicated team, and the willingness to support each other no matter the circumstance.

Enjoy yourselves:

I heard laughter almost daily down the hall and through the floor of my office.  That is where both Palardis’ sit so that could have something to do with it.  In all seriousness, during a different and difficult year we worked through it together.  We were still able to create good times and memories to bring with us into 2021.

Looking ahead:

I truly thank you all for working in this company and I am excited for the team we have built.  We created new key roles in 2020 and early 2021.  We have retained many members who have evolved and improved in their current roles, and we added new members to the team that bring experiences outside of our industry.  This puts us in a good position heading into 2021.  I learned last year to not make any predictions, but I know because of this team, we will be ready for whatever comes our way! 


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