Commercial carpet is most widely used in corporate and hospitality settings but can be used in most commercial settings where a certain aesthetic or budget is trying to be met.


Carpet comes in either broadloom or carpet tile. Broadloom is traditionally 12’ wide but some manufacturers offer 15’ widths. Also popular in healthcare applications is a 6’ broadloom made with a water impermeable cushioned vinyl backing. Broadloom comes in an array of patterns and colors from standard Berber or solid color, to large scale geometric or floral patterns. Carpet tile is the other type of carpet that has gained popularity and increased market share in the recent past. Carpet tile comes in many sizes and shapes the most popular being 2’ x 2’. With carpet tile you can achieve any type of design you can imagine assorting colors and sizes for your one of a kind design. Carpet tile is also ideal for phased installations where only portions of a room can be done at one time while furniture or equipment is shifted around to accommodate the new installation.


Carpet manufacturers use two types of Nylon in manufacturing carpet, Type 6 and Type 6,6 Nylon. Many lines offer both types of nylon within their product selection. Type 6,6 Nylon is typically used in carpets that are on the mid to high end of the cost scale. It is made by a 3rd party who specializes in nylon manufacturing and sold to carpet manufacturers to be used in their products. Benefits of a 6,6 Nylon include a tight and dense polymer structure which is beneficial in combating stain penetration due to lower permeability, it also has as a high melting point of type 6,6 nylon gives it great heat resistance which increases the safety margin for recovery from contact with hot objects. Because of an ordered structure and strong hydrogen bonding, the type 6,6 carpet has great texture retention which helps prevent crushing and matting with roper maintenance. Type 6 nylon is generally mill extruded which means it is made by the carpet manufacturer. Because of this carpets made with this nylon are generally less expensive but still able to achieve the design of a high end carpet.

Type 6 Nylon has improved greatly over the years and now has performance characteristics similar to some types of 6,6 nylon. It also has a lower melting point which makes it ideal for recycling and uses in future carpet products.

Some of the Commercial Carpet Brands We Provide