These Are The Days of Our Flooring Lives - December 2020 - New, New, New - Capozza Floor Covering Center

These Are The Days of Our Flooring Lives – December 2020 – New, New, New

New, New, New

This fall has brought some exciting changes to Capozza.  In October we unveiled a new and modernized brand and name. The new logo was created to offer a refreshed look that evolved our brand while staying true to our strong roots. The goal of the new corporate name, Capozza Floor Covering Center, was to convey to the community that we offer so much more than tile.  We now can clearly market the divisions of Capozza; Commercial, Residential, and Concrete + Epoxy, as one cohesive company that offers an abundance of flooring options for both Commercial and Residential clientele through the state of Maine.

Building on the energy created from the new look, Capozza also launched a new and improved website.  December 1st the new site went live.  We are now able to showcase all that Capozza offers in one convenient place,  With dedicated pages for each division we now showcase our products, services, teams, and portfolios in high speed.  There are new resources for homeowners and team members alike.  From project planning, color options for epoxy offerings, to care and maintenance, everyone now has easy access to these important tools.   The portfolios have been cleaned up and now showcase many recent projects completed by our talented teams.  And an exciting upgrade for communication is that a client can now email directly from an image they like to begin the dialogue to get their project started.  We hope everyone has taken the time to familiarize themselves with all the site now has to offer and will use it in their day to day transactions with clients.

With 2021 around the corner we still have advancements planned to better our culture and communication.  In the meantime, if there is anything you would like to see added or improved on, regarding the website, please contact Theresa.

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