Strike Out Cancer In Kids!

Strike Out Cancer In Kids!

Welcome to the “Friendly Rivalry”

On behalf of everyone here at Maine Children’s Cancer Program, a wholehearted thank you for getting involved in our 25th anniversary season of Strike Out Cancer in Kids!

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 25th season of Strike Out Cancer in Kids (SOCK, for short) and since the program’s start, over 4.85 million dollars has been raised by our community to make a difference in the lives of children battling cancer in Maine.

We owe the success and longevity of the program to the Portland Sea Dogs, the many dedicated MCCP supporters and sponsors, and of course, the incredible families who inspire us each and every day.

Whether this is your first time participating in Strike Out Cancer in Kids or you have been a part of SOCK from the very beginning, we thank you for getting involved and/or staying involved in a program that is so near and dear to our community.

Your participation is integral to this program, and we look to you to be ambassadors of SOCK by encouraging others to do their part in helping children and their families across the state of Maine through their journeys with childhood cancer.

How SOCK works

It’s easy: Pick a team. Make a pledge. Spread the word. And help your team reach $10,000.00 by the end of the ten-week drive!

Team Griffin, captained by our 2019 Slugger Kid, and Team Slugger, captained by Portland’s favorite mascot, will be competing to raise $10,000.00 for their team in order to unlock their company match by the end of the ten week period.

If Griffin’s Green Team reaches their $10,000.00 goal, Capozza Tile & Floor Covering Center will match it with another $10,000.00. Similarly, if Slugger’s Gold Team reaches their $10,000.00 goal, WEX will match it with another $10,000.00!

Over the next ten weeks…

You will receive weekly emails that highlight the current fundraising totals of our two teams, you’ll be provided with inspiring patient stories, invited to special fundraising events, encouraged to create fundraisers of your own to support your team and given incentives to get your friends, family, and co-workers involved.

This ten week “friendly rivalry” between Team Griffin and Team Slugger is designed to be fun, inclusive and impactful. We encourage you to share the stories we provide with your network to help us spread awareness about childhood cancer and the incredible efforts happening here in our state.

Without further ado, let the games begin!

Week 1 results

Both teams are off to a strong start! Team Slugger has a slight lead out of the gate, but Team Griffin follows closely behind!

Every week, we will share the thermometers on social media and encourage friends of MCCP to join in on the fun by visiting:

We look forward to sharing the next ten weeks with you!
Thank you for being a part of this milestone year!
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