Vinyl Flooring

What is vinyl flooring?

There are many types of vinyl flooring, the categories are: sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks. Vinyl floors are durable and easy to clean. A vinyl floor is a fantastic selection when a client needs a floor that will clean easily, perform well and, if needed, can contour to minimal subfloor variation. Sheet vinyl is a product that generally comes 12’ wide and, oftentimes, can be installed in a room without yielding seams. Luxury vinyl tile is a product that is as resilient as a vinyl floor, and is targeted toward the client who loves the look of tile and stone. LVT can either be installed flush to one another or grouted with an acrylic based grout. Luxury vinyl plank is a product that is as resilient as a vinyl floor, and is targeted toward the client who loves the look of hardwood. LVP can be installed either glued down, or in a lock and fold floating application. Vinyl products are a high resolution image with many wear layers above and backing below. Vinyl plank, tiles and sheet products are often three-dimensional and come with realistic images and textures.

Why would I choose vinyl over tile or hardwood?

A client is looking for vinyl flooring for a variety of reasons. The comfort underfoot, warmth and durability can be a draw to the product. We have also installed vinyl floors for clients who do not have the subfloor structure to hold the weight of a tile, but enjoy the look of tile. Vinyl tile, planks and sheet products are generally more affordable than a tile or hardwood floor. A client who does not like grout is a great candidate for a sheet vinyl floor.

Where can I install vinyl?

Vinyl flooring can be installed in high and low traffic areas of a home. The most common areas are bathrooms and kitchens. Anywhere a client is in need of an easy to clean and resilient floor is a great room for a vinyl floor. Some of the newer luxury vinyl tiles can even be installed on walls, to add a kitchen backsplash when the floor has a vinyl tile installed can add a cohesive design element to update a kitchen.

Some of the VINYL FLOORING Products We Provide

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