Schluter Systems

One of the most innovative companies in the tile industry is Schluter Systems. Schluter Systems originated with the idea that there had to be a better way to finish tile to adjacent floor covering surfaces.  Since their simple and early beginnings they have taken that idea and expanded it to every aspect of tile installation.  From edge profile trim pieces to the complete waterproofing of a custom tile shower, in floor heating and subfloor preparation, they have simplified and thought of everything.  That is the very reason Capozza Tile has teamed up with Schluter Systems and has required each of our installers be taught at their training facilities to properly understand their products and installation techniques.  Since taking on this philosophy with them we have virtually eliminated many of the problems that came with old school tile installations.

Come in to Capozza and see the full line of products we offer to ensure you have the best worry free tile installation the industry can offer.