When it’s time to choose a new floor, few options feel better under foot than carpet.  Warm, durable, and available in a variety of styles and colors, carpet is a perfect choice for living areas, bedrooms, and stairs. 

What types of carpet does Capozza offer?

Capozza proudly carries nylon, polyester and wool carpets from quality brands such as Shaw, Lexmark, Renaissance, Godfrey Hirst and Milliken.  You’ll find plush cut pile carpet, durable commercial carpet, and chic, colorful patterned carpets that either be installed wall-to-wall or cut and bound into an area rug or runner.

What’s the difference between nylon, polyester and wool?

Nylon is used more than any other carpet fiber.  It has great resiliency and twist memory, allowing your carpet to “bounce back” and look newer longer.   Although not inherently stain-resistant, many nylons have stain-resist treatments, greatly increasing their protection against household spills and stains.  It offers excellent abrasion resistance, which makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Polyester, while naturally stain and fade resistant, tends to be less durable than nylon.  The fiber receives dye very well, so polyester carpets offer more vibrant colors than their nylon counterparts.  Polyester can be a good choice for lesser-used spaces, such as guest rooms.

Wool is considered the best of the best when it comes to carpet.  It can be more expensive than other carpets, but also offers some pretty great features – it is stain and crush resistant, fire retardant, insulating, and can even help regulate humidity and air quality in your home.  Extremely durable yet soft and warm, wool is a great choice for almost any area in your home.

Still not sure which carpet is right for you?  Come in and browse our showroom.  The Residential Sales Associates at Capozza will be happy to discuss the options that would best fit your space.

Some of the Residential Carpet Brands We Provide