Thank you for choosing Capozza Tile and Floor Covering Center for your hardwood flooring project.

To help ensure the health, happiness and longevity of your hardwood flooring, we have compiled the following recommendations for its proper care and maintenance:


SWEEP. Sweep and/or vacuum twice a week. Use a soft-bristle brush, broom or felt vacuum. Do not use beater bars with your vacuum. Keep vacuum wheels free from abrasive material.

PROTECT YOUR FLOOR. Use felt floor protectors on all furniture legs. Do not slide heavy objects across the floor.

MOISTURE CONTROL. Maintain humidity level at 35%-55% consistently year round in your home. Hardwood is a natural product that will expand and contract year-round with changes in humidity. Changes in moisture will cause shrinking and swelling and will result in cupping, cracking and gapping in your wood flooring. Use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers will ensure these levels are consistent.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL Maintain temperature level at 60-75 ̊ consistently year-round in your home. Hardwood is a natural product that will expand and contract with temperature changes. Extreme temperatures will cause cupping, cracking and gapping in your wood flooring.

USE FLOOR MATS. Place rugs or door mats at doorways (outside and inside) leading to the hardwood. Consider us ing runners and area rugs in traffic areas. Place rugs in front of all wet areas.

AVOID ROUGH IMPACTS.Keep pet’s toenails trimmed. Do not walk on hardwood with spike high heels, cleats or sport shoes.

BE AWARE OF LIGHT EXPOSURE.Wood changes colors with age. Natural light and UV rays will speed up the aging process. Moving furniture and rugs will ensure the wood ages evenly. Warrantees do not cover damage due to light exposure.

CLEAN SPILLS.Wipe all spills promptly with a soft cloth as they happen. If water or spills are not removed immediately, staining and/or damage may occur.

DON’T MOP. Never mop (damp/wet) wood flooring. Excessive water will cause cupping, swelling and gapping. Standing fluids will dull finish, damage wood and leave stains.

USE APPROVED CLEANERS.Do not use oil soap, pine soap, lemon oil, chlorine bleach and/or ammonia-based cleaners as they will change your floor finish. Use of non-approved cleaners will void any warranty.




If you have further questions, please feel free to speak with one of our Sales Associates or your Project Manager. Thank you for choosing Capozza Tile and Flooring Center!