Our Team is Here to Work With You

First Impressions

When you visit or call our showroom, you will be warmly greeted by Melissa at the Reception Desk (a/k/a Command Central). She will expertly and efficiently ascertain your needs and introduce you to Susan or Diana, our Design and Sales Associates. Susan and Diana will assist you with any size flooring project from finding the perfect finishing detail to designing an entire home. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable and talented and will be with you every step of the way through your flooring project.

Meeting Pic

During the Project

Should you require installation, Capozza Tile and Flooring Center has its own team of highly-skilled installers. Once your beautiful tile and flooring selections have been finalized, Susan and Diana will schedule an appointment with one of our illustrious Project Managers, Steve, Tia and Rick. They will visit your home or job site to review your project, the flooring/tile design and precisely measure the area. They will provide their organized and neatly written notes (like those of a physician) to their right-hand Assistant, Cameron, who prepares installation proposals and schedules installations (like a seasoned Air Traffic Controller).

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of our bustling showroom are Kathy and Michelle, who keep our Residential Team well-oiled and running smoothly. Kathy manages the Residential Accounting Division while Michelle excels at managing our vast Pricing Analysis.


Our warehouse is located at our showroom premises and carries a vast array of in-stock items along with managing daily deliveries of flooring orders for not only our Residential Department, but our Commercial Department and Old Port Specialty Tile as well. Our Warehouse Manager, Bob, and his skillful inventory control specialists, Adam and Mike, maintain the organization and will greet you with a friendly smile when picking up an order. We look forward to working with you!


Ready to get started?

Give Melissa a call to schedule a free consultation at our showroom